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Catalyst Counseling and Therapy Services
is a strengths based mental health counseling service that assist individuals, couples, and families get back on track with their lives.
The mission of Catalyst is to provide the highest quality counseling and therapy services on the Gulf Coast. It is our goal to promote needed healing and growth by carefully and methodically identifying client’s needs while highlighting their strengths. Catalyst pledges to stay client centered and attentive to client’s needs throughout their treatment in an effort to achieve best client outcomes.

Catalyst is dedicated to improving mental health and well-being of Gulf Coast Residents by providing quality and affordable services to all seeking services. We take pride in working with a diverse population. Specialties include children, teens, couples, families, substance abuse, LGBTQ issues, couple, and family therapy, learning difficulties and much more. Give us a call, text us or email us and we will match you with the therapist that is right for you.

Catalyst Counseling and Therapy Services was established by Ashira Windsor, MSW, LCSW. Ashira has been practicing as a Social Worker in various capacities since 2010 based on her status as a Military Spouse. She has dedicated her career to enhancing the mental health and well-being of all she is tasked with serving.
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Catalyst has a new Children’s space for our children clients! We provide services for children ages 5 and up for a plethora of mental and behavioral health issues. Please contact Catalyst for further information.
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